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What's this page?

Notion has a recent(ish) feature that let's you sync blocks across all pages. It's an easy way to control content if you need to update a link or add some new content to multiple pages.

I use it for global page blocks like backlinks, footers, menus, etc. and this page houses the blocks used in You.

The You template leverages the gray and yellow callouts for custom styling. Feel free to add your own global blocks to this page if you'd like!

Blocks with links for all pages

Using a Gray callout, a custom CSS animation is applied to the link

Blocks for links on Home page

Using a Gray callout, a custom CSS animation is applied to the link

Styled but not sync'd

Using a Yellow callout, a custom CSS animation is applied to the callout but the link is editable on any page.

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Blocks for Footer

If blank below, Table-based footer is disabled in CSS options. If you enable the table footer, make sure your code looks like this in the CSS options.

/* Table-based Footer - Enabled */
.notion-collection-table__wrapper {

/* Custom Footer in <body> - Disabled */
.footer {

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