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What I’m working on

  1. I am a Certified Financial Planner ™ at One Degree Advisors a Wealth Management Firm based in San Diego, Ca.
  2. I publish weekly YouTube videos to help you have purpose and direction with your money.
  3. On this website, I write articles to help you make smart money decisions. I also share daily insights on Twitter. Feel free to say Hi!

In my free time —

When I’m not building financial plans or managing money.

Non-profit Work

I'm passionate about helping those forcibly displaced by war, religious persecution, and other situations of violence. I had the privilege of working with the Croatian Red Cross through a program called Love Works. Our mission was to help refugees and asylum seekers entering Europe. I’ve learned firsthand that empathy comes from observation and experience.

Zagreb, Croatia | 2019 | Croatian Red Cross.
Zagreb, Croatia | 2019 | Croatian Red Cross.


Bangkok, Thailand | 2017 | Backpacking trip.
Bangkok, Thailand | 2017 | Backpacking trip.

I enjoy geeking out about minimal travel. A couple of years ago, a buddy and I decided to throw together what money we had and take a month long backpacking trip to the country of Thailand. We were able to visit Chiang Mai, Ko Phi Phi, Koh Tao, etc, all by bus, train or motorcycle. All I packed in my Northface backpack was a few articles of clothing, my toothbrush, and my favorite book. Just the essentials! I knew that starting such a venture would change me, but I never thought it would completely shift my perspective, teaching me the value of contentment, seeking discomfort, and budgeting.


Playing collegiate rugby has shaped and molded me thoroughly. It has not only made lasting impressions, but has molded me into the man I have become, and set me on the path toward the man I desire to be. For me, rugby has been pivotal in driving my lifelong journey of finding the hidden potential of those around me.

San Diego, California |2018| @PLNU vs Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Bottom right at Flanker.
San Diego, California |2018| @PLNU vs Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Bottom right at Flanker.

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